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Suffolk County's I/A Septic System Grant Eligibility

You might have heard about Suffolk County, NY's new I/A septic laws. You also might have heard about the grant money that is associated with these new septic systems. It is true! Grant money from Suffolk County does exist. There are a few steps you need to take before filing your grant application.

According to Suffolk County's Reclaim Our Water Initiative, to be considered for a grant you must meet a few preliminary requirements:

  • The residence must be served by a septic system or cesspool and not connected to a sewer system or located within a proposed sewer district.

  • New construction on vacant lots is not eligible.

  • Property does not have any outstanding or open real property tax liens.

  • There must be a valid certificate of occupancy (CO) or equivalent issued by the applicable town or village.

  • Income verification (Property Owners must provide a copy of each property owner’s most recently filed federal income tax return).

Learn more about the Suffolk County Septic Improvement Program and how you can take steps to file your I/A septic system grant. To view the Suffolk County Septic Improvement Program Grant Application, click here.

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