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New Suffolk County, NY Septic Requirements Are Here to Stay

(SUFFOLK COUNTY, NY) Suffolk County, NY's new septic system laws might effect your new building project. These new laws have now expanded to cover an even wider range of building projects than ever before.

As it stands, if your project falls under these three categories then you are required to install a new I/A (Innovative Alternative) Septic System:

  • New home

  • New addition with 5 bedrooms or more

  • Major reconstruction

What is a "major reconstruction"? Generally this states that if your new project is over 50% of the existing home's appraised value (excluding land), an I/A septic system will be required. For more information, check out the attached document.

Guidance Memorandum 08- Guidelines for Existing Renov or Reloc 8-9-21-1
Download PDF • 44KB

Are you planning on adding a new bedroom or family room? How about a new bathroom and kitchen that exceeds 50% of the current appraised value of your house? If so, there is a chance you will have to upgrade your septic system. Suffolk County Septic Systems specializes in evaluating your specific situation and designing a septic system that best fits your needs. Learn more and schedule your free consultation today at

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