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Why Your Degrading Water Quality Matters More Than You Think

If you were to take a guess as to why water quality might be degrading, what would you say? Maybe an oil spill in the ocean? How about the products we put in our grass? Although those might be factors, you might be surprised to learn that neither are the largest cause.

Nitrogen pollution from cesspools and septic systems have been found to be the largest cause of degrading water quality. This type of pollution causes the closing of beaches, restrictions on fishing, toxic algae blooms, and much more.

As we continue to learn about the effects that nitrogen pollution has on the environment and our water, we must learn to adapt to more environmentally friendly building methods. Luckily, technology has improved the common septic system in the form of new nitrogen reducing septic systems, or most commonly called “I/A septic systems”. “I/A” is an abbreviation for “Innovative and Alternative” Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems.

While the type of I/A septic system can vary, the technology in each system is similar. Innovative and Alternative Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems use the bacteria that occurs naturally to breakdown the wastewater components. By doing this, nitrogen levels drastically reduce which ultimately protects our ground water and bays.

If you would like to learn more about I/A septic systems and schedule a free consultation, please

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